Thursday, 19 December 2013

Dental medical supplier equipments

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The time has come for all dental practices to start looking at what they pay for their dental consumables  the days of buying from the old guard has gone as the “go compare” society can quite easily check online if they are paying too much for their dental consumables. Savings can be made on so many items that due to new regulation have to be disposable. The rise of new company’s such as f2 medical supplies has highlighted this gap in the market for family run independents to provide competitively priced products.
They can typically save dental practices between 40-50% on their dental consumables and often their customers can not believe how much they were being over charged by previous suppliers. A large seven surgery practice recently decided to start shopping around to see if they could save from their supplier who had supplied them for the past twenty years. They noticed a massive difference and when they had their last year accounts drawn up saved over forty thousand pounds off their expenses. This was a saving of over 30% and what could your practice do with is kind of saving and how much could it add to your bottom line enough for a very very nice holiday. You may think that the prices you pay are good but by saving even a small amount adds up in the end of the year and do you get inferior products? We checked products supplied from leading suppliers against whats available from dental consumable suppliers such as f2 medical supplies ltd and found them to be exactly the same and in some cases the goods from the independent were of a superior quality. Dental  Practices these days have been squeezed by the nhs reducing contracts and uda values and the cqc are making practices implement even more regulation and cost so its never been a better time to look at where a practice can save well wages aren’t going to go down are they?