Friday, 17 January 2014

No switching off for christmas !

The new year has come and gone and although this is a time where we have just trying to get back into a routine for the 2014, here at f2 medical supplies it is a very important time both before the holidays and now in January to implement the styles and products which will be the backbone of the year and to ensure there is plentiful supply of all the key selling dental and medical consumables.

Just like August in mainland Europe and December in the UK, Asia has holidays in January for the Chinese New Year, so it’s very important to plan ahead with orders and projections for the season so all orders are placed in good time to prevent shortages and the worst scenario of no stock.
Key factories can be closed for over 4 weeks and including transit times, this means without careful planning a dental medical company could be without stock for over 2 months.
Its amazing how often this occurrence is experienced with buyers not realising the next working day after the 20th December is the 6th January and therefore nearly 3 weeks have been lost where a factory is waiting for a order to be confirmed but the email is still in the drafts box !
Fortunately we have experience with these matters so all has been pre-planned and the right items are arriving at the key times.
This does mean our holidays was a mix of turkey & testing strips, paxo and packing list and not forgetting a cocktail of booze and barrier film !
Our first trip of 2014 to inspect the latest f2 medical products has just been completed with great success so after all the effort and long hours and even longer air miles, we are all excited and a little relieved to see the new range of medical and dental products and with that we are looking forward to a great 2014 and wish you all the same aswell.