Monday, 24 August 2015

Anyone Not Einstein Understand Our Costs.

Sitting in the classroom, I gazed out the window wishing and praying for some freedom from this prison, totally ignoring my important mathematics lesson. That fatal mistake when you were ten could haunt you for years; simply not paying attention in what seemed to be a pointless lesson could cost your employer, more importantly yourself money. But don’t worry you can still correct your mistakes today, by instead of just picking the products with the lowest prices, actually looking at the quantity and the prices; and from that deducing what is the best prices for your desired product.

Here is something you probably missed due to your lack of attention in your mathematics lessons, just because a price may appear to be cheaper from a first glance, that doesn’t mean it actually is for instance, you may see £5 for 100 surgical masks in one company’s catalogue and then£10 for 250 surgical masks in another catalogue. At first glance you may think £5 is better than £10, but in fact it is a better deal to buy the £10 pack as you are in fact getting 50 of the surgical masks for free. This mistake would not be made if people paid attention in their mathematics lesson at school. 

Take charge of your purse strings and check whoever is taking care of orders treat your money like theirs!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Nitrile Gloves Are Handy !

The sweet smell of grilled bacon caressed my nostrils as I entered the café. It was a normal Saturday, me with my full English and a large coffee, and Bentley, the dog, with his sausages. As the chef prepared our breakfast, I noticed the bright blue gloves which he was wearing. After our weekly refuel, we set off for the park. Bentley was bouncing around and play with his friends. 

I sat down and watched him enjoy himself, when suddenly he assumed the position. I quickly whipped out my pair of gloves and rushed over. After clearly up the mess, we set off home. 

Once we had arrived home, my dear wife held up a paintbrush and a bucket of paint. I spent the rest of the afternoon, painting the lounge wall in what my wife called “custard”, but just looked like the colour yellow, surprisingly. Having worn my gloves, my hands were the only part of my body which wasn’t covered in paint. The evening soon approach and I just managed to finish the painting before the football began; the match of the year was about to take place Barcelona against Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final. 

A quick shower and a glass of beer later, I found myself slumped in front of the television in record timing. Disaster! Messi is tackled by Ribery, down he goes. The physio emerges from the dugout, with his first aid bag in hand. Minutes later they whipped out a pair of electric blue gloves, and like magic Messi was back on his feet and running circles around them all in no time.

Watching “CSI Miami” I snuggled down into my warm bed. As the detective investigated the crime scene they put on their gloves and began to inspect the scene. Once that was over, I snuggled down into my nice warm bed; I will definitely be dreaming about gloves tonight.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Coloured Nitrile Gloves at F2 Medical Supplies

Allot can be said of the colours and clothes you wear and this can also be said of the colour of nitrile glove you would buy and use.
Would you use a black nitrile glove?
Would you be a pink nitrile glove person?
Or are you more of a blue nitrile or white nitrile glove person?
The spectrum of colours is wide ranging and at f2 medical supplies we sell and stock primarily the blue colour for our work with dental and medical profession.   
The colour blue is the colour for medical as blue symbolises trust and responsibility which is what you want to see and feel as you enter these establishments.
But as the use of nitrile gloves becomes more widespread and diverse the colour of glove has become a major factor as functionality and fashion merge together.

Black gloves are used in the tattoo industry and also industries such as mechanical and police/ military work.  The colour black is an obvious choice as the colour symbolises authority and power plus also has dark and mystical feel which of course attracts the tattoo industry to the colour.

Pink is a colour which can be used in the beautician industry , pink a colour of calm and tranquility and so these gloves could also be seen at a local spa or pampering venue such as a nail bars, spray tan centre’s, and cosmetic surgery businesses.
Green can be used for medical purposes as well as for vets and even gardeners whilst white also has the same genre. We also noticed white gloves was worn by England football team’s physio Gary Lewin during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil ( get well soon Gary !)

As the gloves and trends evolve, we at F2 Medical Supplies will be introducing the coloured gloves into the range to accompany our stock of the blue gloves
The quality of our gloves are FDA plus CE approved which is necessary to satisfy the strict procedure of the dental and medical industry, so with the standard set and approved, we know we can work with the other industries with just a colour change to move to this area.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

“Mitch! Stop Drumming on the Table!”

Being a percussionist isn’t easy you know. We have to live with the fact that the front man and the Guitarist are the ones who get the girls, but by far our greatest curse... is that we can never stop.

It’s like something from Dante’s Inferno – we’re cursed to tap continuously on any hard surface, day in, day out, from now until the end of time, where we fade to dust and all that remains are our disembodied fingers, forever tapping out a steady beat.

It’s been that week; my Boss has noticed the tapping.
“If you must drum, drum up some business instead!”
I hear.

And so, I figured I’d do some constructive tapping and tap on a keyboard, sending a message to you guys to tell you about what we’ve been up to this week.

Our biggest feature this week is that we’re introducing our new Nitrile Gloves very soon, at a bargain price of £4.95 for 200 Gloves. We’ve been told by some customers that we’re far cheaper than some of their previous suppliers, so it’s nothing to be sniffed at.

Anyway, I’ll see you guys around.
F2 medical supplies