Monday, 24 August 2015

Anyone Not Einstein Understand Our Costs.

Sitting in the classroom, I gazed out the window wishing and praying for some freedom from this prison, totally ignoring my important mathematics lesson. That fatal mistake when you were ten could haunt you for years; simply not paying attention in what seemed to be a pointless lesson could cost your employer, more importantly yourself money. But don’t worry you can still correct your mistakes today, by instead of just picking the products with the lowest prices, actually looking at the quantity and the prices; and from that deducing what is the best prices for your desired product.

Here is something you probably missed due to your lack of attention in your mathematics lessons, just because a price may appear to be cheaper from a first glance, that doesn’t mean it actually is for instance, you may see £5 for 100 surgical masks in one company’s catalogue and then£10 for 250 surgical masks in another catalogue. At first glance you may think £5 is better than £10, but in fact it is a better deal to buy the £10 pack as you are in fact getting 50 of the surgical masks for free. This mistake would not be made if people paid attention in their mathematics lesson at school. 

Take charge of your purse strings and check whoever is taking care of orders treat your money like theirs!