Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Coloured Nitrile Gloves at F2 Medical Supplies

Allot can be said of the colours and clothes you wear and this can also be said of the colour of nitrile glove you would buy and use.
Would you use a black nitrile glove?
Would you be a pink nitrile glove person?
Or are you more of a blue nitrile or white nitrile glove person?
The spectrum of colours is wide ranging and at f2 medical supplies we sell and stock primarily the blue colour for our work with dental and medical profession.   
The colour blue is the colour for medical as blue symbolises trust and responsibility which is what you want to see and feel as you enter these establishments.
But as the use of nitrile gloves becomes more widespread and diverse the colour of glove has become a major factor as functionality and fashion merge together.

Black gloves are used in the tattoo industry and also industries such as mechanical and police/ military work.  The colour black is an obvious choice as the colour symbolises authority and power plus also has dark and mystical feel which of course attracts the tattoo industry to the colour.

Pink is a colour which can be used in the beautician industry , pink a colour of calm and tranquility and so these gloves could also be seen at a local spa or pampering venue such as a nail bars, spray tan centre’s, and cosmetic surgery businesses.
Green can be used for medical purposes as well as for vets and even gardeners whilst white also has the same genre. We also noticed white gloves was worn by England football team’s physio Gary Lewin during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil ( get well soon Gary !)

As the gloves and trends evolve, we at F2 Medical Supplies will be introducing the coloured gloves into the range to accompany our stock of the blue gloves
The quality of our gloves are FDA plus CE approved which is necessary to satisfy the strict procedure of the dental and medical industry, so with the standard set and approved, we know we can work with the other industries with just a colour change to move to this area.