Monday, 31 March 2014

Pharmaceutical paparazzi...
Another week has flown by, and here we are again. You. Me. A Sunset and some cocktails... Paradise.
...Who am I kidding? It’s freezing cold, it’s raining, the sun’s hidden behind impenetrable layers of cloud and the only cocktail I’ve got is a mix of cold coffee and lucozade, a grizzly product of my own forgetfulness.

But enough about that. Let me tell you what we’ve been up to this week.

This week we’ve been working on getting our website up to date with some shiny new pictures of our Root Canal Files, our Disposable Barrier Film, and both our High Speed and Low Speed Handpieces. It’s been quite a struggle to get engaging, cinematic pictures of immobile K-Files. It’s been an epic battle against gravity trying to get the right positioning of the halogen lights to get the perfect picture. But I have prevailed. I have been a Scorsese of  Medical Supplies, a DeNiro of Dental Consumables, and my labours have finally borne fruit. Feel free to check out our website, and have a look.

Oh, and while you’re there, check out our fantastic deals on Sterilisation Products Month. Best hurry though – the sale ends on the first of April, so get great products at low prices while you can.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

An offer you simply can’t refuse...

It’s funny what you can find when you’re looking through the back rooms. Some things are to be expected – Our Nitrile Gloves are stacked up, row after row, as are our Sterilisation Pouches and even at the back, palettes containing boxes of Dappen Dishes.
So I’m walking down the aisles, flanked by boxes of various medical goodies. I’m looking for a certain type of Sterilisation Pouch, because we’re selling them on a special offer this week (check our website!) when I shift a few boxes I find one labelled “Old Stuff”. Now, anyone who’s nearly as inquisitive as me sees “Old Stuff” and thinks “Mystery Treasure Box! OPEN ME!”
 I tentatively opened the box, not knowing what to expect. I certainly wasn’t expecting what I found. Like a Z-list Mafia Film remake, there before me was a head in the box. Okay, it was a mannequin head, and it was in a box with a load of felt hats, but that’s not the point. I was still half expecting an offer that I couldn’t refuse when I realised that it was a box of old samples from when there was a clothing company here. Quite the Legacy.
On the topic of offers that you can’t refuse, we’ve got some pretty crazy deals on this month, extending to our Sterilisation Rolls and Pouches, some of which are down by nearly 25%. So don’t miss it. Capisce?
Catch you later.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Why nitrile gloves? why not latex gloves? what’s the difference?

                                             Hey Subscribers,

This week we’ve been asked; Why Nitrile Gloves? Why not Latex Gloves? What’s the difference? Do dogs have their own language?
We’re not actually sure about the habits of our canine companions, but we are very knowledgeable about Nitrile, and we’ve decided to share our Nitrile based knowledge and help you choose the glove that fits your needs. Get it? Fit? Glove? Never mind.

The first thing you should know is that Nitrile contains no Latex, and as such, will be less likely to cause allergicreactions to you or your patient. There are obvious benefits to this; the foremost being “not having blisters and rashes covering your hands”.
 Nitrile is also almost 3 times more resistant to puncture. This makes it ideal for Dentists and Doctors, as well as Surgeons and Tattooists because you’re more protected from needles. To prove our point, here’s a picture of me shoving a pen through my glove. See? No holes.
The third point is that they’re more reliable in a pinch. Because Nitrile is 100% man made, it features none of Mother Nature’s little flaws, and as such, has a reduced margin for error.

Now, our gloves are Nitrile. They’re also Powder Free, so you don’t inhale dusty corn-flour every time you want to operate. The reason they powder them is to (supposedly) speed up putting the gloves on. We don’t see a difference to be quite honest, so our gloves are all powder free, minimising contamination and eliminating the chance of inhaling powder.

They’re also some of the best priced on the Market, so what’s not to love? Great Medical Quality for low prices. They also come in 4 sizes and are a dashing blue colour. Look fabulous while pulling teeth - you’re worth it.
See you all next week!

F2 Medical Supplies

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Our new offer on our top-notch nitrile gloves has us excited

dentist equipmentWell, Hi there Subscriber.
We know you’re all craving for a saving so we’re going to get right to the point and provide you with your monthly fix.
Our new offer on our top-notch medical supplies has us excited – not in a jumping for joy capacity, but we’re certainly pretty stoked about it.

Due to some new design work and a great new deal with our suppliers, we’ve managed to fit more gloves into our boxes, saving you money and saving us time. It also means that you won’t need to call us as often to order your gloves. But don’t think you’ve gotten rid of us that easily; we’ll still be here, sending you our best offers and generally being pretty nice guys. Please, hold your applause.

Anyway, taking a look at the last few weeks I can tell you in complete honesty that we’ve benefited greatly from our Feature in dentistry equipment Magazine, and we’ve been rushing around trying to meet the demands of all our new customers. And what demands they were; we sold so many handpieces that our 2 month stockpile was reduced to nothing in the space of a few days. Furthermore, with a few of our product packages getting a facelift, we’re confident that we look better than ever.  

Gone are the plastic bags housing the 3 in 1 Syringe Tips – We’ve replaced it with a fancy little box. Not only does it look ever so good but it’s also more ecologically friendly. We’re also developing a new envelope for our samples; in particular, our gloves. Because they’re so popular, we’ve decided to go for it with the packaging and give you something that you’ll remember.
 See you all next week !!!