Tuesday, 25 March 2014

An offer you simply can’t refuse...

It’s funny what you can find when you’re looking through the back rooms. Some things are to be expected – Our Nitrile Gloves are stacked up, row after row, as are our Sterilisation Pouches and even at the back, palettes containing boxes of Dappen Dishes.
So I’m walking down the aisles, flanked by boxes of various medical goodies. I’m looking for a certain type of Sterilisation Pouch, because we’re selling them on a special offer this week (check our website!) when I shift a few boxes I find one labelled “Old Stuff”. Now, anyone who’s nearly as inquisitive as me sees “Old Stuff” and thinks “Mystery Treasure Box! OPEN ME!”
 I tentatively opened the box, not knowing what to expect. I certainly wasn’t expecting what I found. Like a Z-list Mafia Film remake, there before me was a head in the box. Okay, it was a mannequin head, and it was in a box with a load of felt hats, but that’s not the point. I was still half expecting an offer that I couldn’t refuse when I realised that it was a box of old samples from when there was a clothing company here. Quite the Legacy.
On the topic of offers that you can’t refuse, we’ve got some pretty crazy deals on this month, extending to our Sterilisation Rolls and Pouches, some of which are down by nearly 25%. So don’t miss it. Capisce?
Catch you later.